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Model: Radi



Model: Simona




To me, life is a miracle. 


A moment is a miracle. 


Through the lens I see the glow behind those eyes that grows brighter. I see the ambiance of confidence that overtakes every move, every smile, every glance.


I see delicacy and romance behind every nuance of natural beauty.


I see craving for knowing, loving, being.


I see perfect synchronicity and ancient wisdom behind every leaf, petal, stem.


I see miracles.


Photography can make a moment last forever. Photography can keep memories alive.


Photography can be a little window to one's inner being reflecting the heart back through the lens. 


What is beauty? What is creativity? What is love?


I think that you can find the answers to these questions and many others when looking at art. I like that. I like the mystery. I like the curiosity.


I like the way art can make you feel, think, explore.


And there's never one right answer.


Art reflects back what you choose to see.


Which is kind of incredible.


So much complexity, so many stories...all reflected back like a mirror. 



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