Artistic Spring
My blog is where I express my artistic passions through photography, art, health coaching, travel, and writing, because I believe that our experiences can bring something of value, something inspiring, uplifting, something good to someone else.
Daniela Blagoeva
12:00 PM

Photography: Arts District, Downtown Las Vegas

What comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas? Let me take you to a different Las Vegas, where art and culture connect with inspiration and imagination, taking you to worlds of possibility and creativity. Read More

Daniela Blagoeva
4:20 PM

Photography: Calico Basin Red Springs

The only way to become one with my surroundings is to look outside myself. I love going to the Calico Basin Red Springs in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It almost feels like you're on Mars - spectacular red and white sandstone cliffs sculpted naturally by geological forces. Read More