Photography: Fear and the Present Moment

I've never imagined I will be living in the desert, ever

It's been more than a decade, and I am still adjusting, still feeling unsettled, which is strange for me, because I'm usually very adaptive to new circumstances and situations. 

I think it's the high expectations I've set for myself and my future that prevent me from settling. To me, settling feels almost like giving up on my dreams (at this point in my life at least).

But what if I'm wrong?

What if settling is actually the way to my dreams? 

What if 'settling' actually meant being in harmony with the present, taking notice of what's happening right now, right this moment, recognizing the beauty in the day-to-day activities? 

Wouldn't that make me more receptive to and more aware of new ideas and encounters that are in alignment with my dreams, beliefs, and passions?

I'd like to think so. 

I look at it this way: the present moment, the place where I am now, has everything I need to make anything I want become real.

The desert gives life too! It's not a dry, flat, rigid piece of land that kills everything in its reach.

So, where I am, whom I meet, what I do, everything is in perfect synchronicity with what I want to achieve and learn.

Even if I wanted to go somewhere else, where would I go? I'd just be running away - running away from the truth - I am scared of settling. I'm scared of getting stuck in one place (physically and emotionally) for too long, where I begin to get too comfortable, to one day look around and realize, I've let life slip through my fingertips. I'm scared of not living up to my full potential. 


"fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there." - ancient wisdom


So, how do I face fear? I stay, I give way to love, and I go to Nature.


Nature is the easiest place for me to be present, to feel and give love, to notice how beautiful life is, how everything happens at the exact time and speed it needs to happen.


Nature works in mysterious ways! She makes me feel exposed and vulnerable, especially when I'm alone in her embrace - which feels unnatural and invasive - but then I also feel safe and peaceful - which creates this balance. And I realize:


the only way to become one with my surroundings, one with my wishes and desires, is to look outside myself.


I love going to the Calico Basin Red Springs in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It almost feels like you're on Mars - spectacular red and white sandstone cliffs sculpted naturally by geological forces.


Climbing and hiking to places I haven't been is exciting. And it's good for my body. It ties nicely with my heath coaching practices. But more so than that, looking at Nature through the lens of my camera, getting up close to details that I might otherwise overlook - it's good for my spirit. I feel grounded, inspired, happy.




IMG_1220 (1)



This place is beautiful. It puts everything in perspective. The rocks remind of sculptures, sculpted by Nature and enlivened by imagination. I like looking for symbolism and meaning everywhere. I think that nature is a place where nothing is accidental - everything has purpose.


I find it really interesting how different people looking at the same rock (or anything for that matter) can bring different meaning and form to it - all based on personal experience, beliefs, and learning.


It's fascinating how our personal experiences and the emotions we attach to these experiences define our personal reality.

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