The Sound of Music: Life, Love, Healing


I was just thinking today, how much of our life is sound, music. 


I personally cannot think of a moment, an experience in my life that hasn't been
linked to a specific sound, song, beat, rhythm.



an universal language. language that unites. language that inspires. language that moves. language that touches. language that touches. 


Sound can set the mood. Sound can make you feel...things. 


I don't know how it happens, but there is a sound, a beat, a rhythm that defines every moment, at least from my experience.


I feel we attract what we want or need to feel. There's untold, unseen
attraction of energies that brings to you what you send out the moment you
send it out.


How many times have you played a song to release stress and tension? How many times have you played a song because you're happy and it just feels good to smile and dance around a little bit longer?


What about those times when you've felt hurt, sad, misunderstood? You've probably played that very specific playlist of "sad" songs because it felt good to cry.


It's kind of paradoxical how sad songs can make you feel good. I think the reason is that you feel like someone knows exactly what you're going through, someone gets you, you're not alone, and that's exactly what you need right now.


I love music. I don't have a favorite genre. Even though I have styles of music that I enjoy more than others and play more often, I mostly feel music. If it moves me - it's good music - good for me, personally, good for my mind, my body, my soul. 


To me, there is no such thing as bad music. I think that music, just like any art form, is a gorgeous and personal way of expressing oneself. And self-expression is a right that everyone should feel comfortable exercising.


It's just so amazing how as humans we are so similar in what we experience, how much we actually relate to one another. 


When I think about it everything is sound, everything is music.


The song of birds greeting the rising sun, the rustling of tree leaves in the dance of wind, the crackling of a warm fire at night, the traffic on the streets at rush hour, the cling of glasses raising a toast, the sweeping sound of a broom against the floor, the jingle of keys taken out of a purse...


Sound makes us calm or excited, thoughtful or happy. It evokes emotion that sometimes our conscious mind can't register right away, but our body takes its cues from these sounds and rhythms, knowing when to get energized and when to slow down.


I just find this so fascinating - sound, music, rhythm!


According to the law of physics everything vibrates - the chair you're sitting in, the food you eat.


“Whether or not we hear it, everything has a sound, a vibration all its own,” writes Joshua Leeds in The Power of Sound (Healing Arts Press, 2001).


That sound is called resonance, the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Each part of our body has its own natural resonance. 


I do believe that sound heals. I also believe that we all use sound as healing - some of us consciously, others unconsciously.


The idea that sound affects the mind and body is not new. Vibrational medicine is based on the idea that disease is a result of those natural resonances getting out of tune – whether due to stress, illness or environmental factors.


That's one of the reasons why I love holistic health methods.


It makes sense to me that we are spiritually connected to everything around us. We are spiritual beings in a material world.


The magnificence of our body, mind, and spirit fascinates me. Our body has the ability to heal itself by itself given the opportunity.


To me, the body and mind are already such magnificent creations, but the body and mind enlivened by the spirit - it just becomes something inexplicable, extraordinary! So intuitive, sacred, infinite, our spirit seems like the purest form of love there is.

I'm getting really deep into this. All I wanted to talk about was sound and music. And then this happens...haha


But this universe is just so intriguing! I don't know how, but everything seems so perfectly assembled together that even if the littlest speck of a particle goes missing or is misplaced, the process and mechanism is disturbed.

Is it just me who gets super amazed by things like this?!

I feel like there is reason to everything, there is meaning, there is purpose.


As a health coach, I find holistic healing beneficial and fundamental. I believe that as spiritual beings, we are intuitively drawn to and can experience great relief from sound healing, live interaction with nature, and other holistic healing methods.

Life is energy, sound, vibration.


The body understands energy, sound, vibration. It's an incredibly smart machine. It knows how to heal given the chance. Listen. Feel. Connect.


What's your favorite nature sound?


I love the sound of rain. It's one of those sounds that I feel traveling through every cell in my body. It makes me truly happy. I smile a lot when it rains. It completely relaxes me and soothes any mental, physical, and emotional discomfort I may feel. I also like the way it feels on my skin. I like to stand
below palm trees and just listen. And when it's not raining, I play rain sounds on YouTube before bed, which helps me fall asleep. Rain feels very nourishing to me. Maybe it's because I'm an earth sign. haha


What nature sounds feel nourishing and healing to you?



Just some ideas and thoughts that were twirling around in my head these past days, and I had to put them down "on paper." 


Follow me :) 




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