Coincidence: That Which Fits Together Perfectly


"Well, look who I ran into," crowed Coincidence. 

"Please," flirted Fate, "this was meant to be." 

I "coincidentally" read this today. hahaha 


Last night I was sitting on my terrace, listening to the rain. 


Rain makes me really happy. It's weirdly romantic and mysterious, calming and exciting, intriguing and confiding. I like the way it feels on the skin. I like the way it quiets everything around. I like the way it relaxes my mind. 


I get really thoughtful when it rains. The good kind of thoughtful. It's like meditation. It's grounding. It helps me release tension. It refreshes my state of gratitude. 


This time I thought about coincidences. 


I don't believe there are meaningless coincidences. I think that coincidences are messages about particular aspects of our lives that need our attention. I think that coincidences are answers to our intention, attitude, mindset.


To me, everything happens for a reason, everything has meaning. Everything is energy. Energy is never wasted. It just transforms. 


Some things seem too strange and strong to be coincidences. Other things seem too random and odd to not be coincidences. And as inexplicable as it may seem to the mind, as hard as it is to put into words, you almost don't need to - somehow you know it, you feel it. Somehow it all fits together. 


"In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide, fit together perfectly. The word "coincidence" does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly." - Wayne Dyer 


Looking at my own life a lot of things don't make sense until some time passes and I find the space to reflect on what is happening. Other things make sense right away. I think it is my level of awareness and consciousness that alters how much I understand of what is happening the moment it happens. But I feel and know that it all fits together. Suddenly, what seems like a mistake, a failure, becomes luck, success or "that which fits together perfectly," like Dr. Wayne Dyer said. 


We have dreams. We have things we want to see happen in our lives. I feel that knowing what you want can help you set a clear intention. Forming a clear intention helps you experience "coincidences." Things, people, events start coming into your life - synchronizing with your intention, your dream, your attitude. And maybe the hardest part then becomes stopping resisting the outcomes, being more playful in your perception, and trusting. 


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