How would you define pleasing?


What is a five-letter word that is pleasing?  


In the dictionary, pleasing is defined as giving pleasure, gratifying, agreeable



The first time I heard this question I was very intrigued. It's good exercise for the brain. It makes you think about what it is that actually makes you feel pleasure, how do you define pleasure, and why. And it makes it extra fun to try and narrow it down to just five letters.


I've discovered that it's a good conversation starter. It's not only good for learning more about the person you're conversing with, but it's also really good for knowing and understanding yourself. 


It's inspiring the variety of responses you get when you ask different individuals the same question. It opens your perspective - seeing how an array of life experiences combined with established values and beliefs, mixed with the pursuit of burning dreams and desires, and an internal quest for meaning and purpose - all shape our individuality. 


What is your five-letter word that is pleasing to you? 


I couldn't choose just one word, so I have three: smile, light, peace


I've read a few books and articles on the subject of smiling - how it affects our psychological and physical health. The act of smiling produces movements in the muscles of our face, which are interpreted by the brain, which in turn releases neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals responsible for making us feel happy, and also help reduce stress. 


That's the scientific explanation of why "smile" is pleasing. But my personal connection to this word and why it is pleasing to me goes a little bit further than the brain. 


I think a smile looks good on everyone, especially one that comes from the heart. It brings out a spark in the eyes, a window to a beautiful part of the soul. This beauty cannot be described with words; it is felt through the heart. It feels warm, inspiring, playful, joyful, safe. It speaks love, encouragement, happiness, kindness. It is contagious - a source of electrifying good energy that is exchanged, transformed, multiplied. 


I like to smile...a lot. I smile when I'm happy. I smile when I'm nervous. I smile when I'm in nature. I smile when I am embarrassed or do something silly. I smile when I love, dream, dance. I like to laugh. I like when people make me laugh. I like when my smile makes someone else smile.


I feel good when I smile. It lifts my mood. I feel positive. I believe it helps me attract good things into my life because I am vibrating positive energy. 




I like the sunlight. I really love to occasionally wake up before the sunrise, go to an elevated place, and watch as the first ray of light illuminates the sky. I've written about the feeling before. It's hard to explain. I like the sun during the day. I like the sun as it sets. I generally like the sun. I like that it feels warm to me - not physically, but emotionally. It feels like love. 


I like the moon. I like that soft mystical light. It sets a different mood than the sun - more romantic, peaceful, relaxing, quiet. I can hear my thoughts. I wonder. I dream. I reflect. And the stars...sprinkled like fairy dust, making it hard not to believe in magic. 


Candle lights glowing in a dark room, illuminating just enough of the surroundings, creating a comforting and relaxing space for rest. Christmas lights twinkling around the Christmas tree, spreading holiday cheer. A burning fire dancing to the sound of crackling wood. All sources of light that are pleasing to me because they are somehow connected to happy moments and memories in my life.  




I think inner peace is blissful. It's grounding, balancing. It creates a safe space for healing past traumas, finding answers to important questions, immersing fully in the present moment, feeling gratitude, love, happiness. 


I asked some of my friends and family to tell me what their five-letter pleasing word was. Some of them knew the answer right away. Others needed time to think. Some had one word. Others had two, three. Some of them even had the same word.


It was incredible because I felt like I knew these people, but at the same time, I felt that I didn't know them at all - if you know what I mean - and that made me like them even more. It was pretty cool! 


Next time you need something to break the ice, try this question. I think you'll be surprised how much people are willing to share. 



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